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Pictured are twins, Elijah and Quinn, with miniature geldings, Nickel and Paint, they received for their 5th birthdays.  Miniatures provide an excellent, safer opportunity for young children to learn to work with horses

Elijah and Nickel

Little Tater liked TV when she was a baby!

Tater in Family Room

Soat's Little Bandit.  This was our first miniature stallion purchased in Michigan.


Pictured is Annika with her miniature foal, Star, that she received on her 5th birthday.  This photo was taken at a professional portrait studio.


Pictured is Greta with her miniature foal, Josie.  This photo was taken at a professional portrait studio.


These photos were actually taken in a regular portrait studio.  The horses walked right down the street and into the studio to pose for their pictures like a couple of old professionals!

Quinn and Paint

This is Little Tater all grown up!

Tater Grown Up

Ark Park Acres Cahill.

2004 Colt


We have a good selection of weanlings, mares and stallions. All horses are AMHA and/or AMHR registered. Please contact us for availability.