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Gravnings' Mini Acres
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What's On the Farm....
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Shriley Gravning and Miki with Blue Ribbon at Kalamzoo Classic.

Pictured is "Lah Dee Dah" at a dog show with Shirley and the judge. The Toy Mi-Ki (pronounced Me-Key) is a rare breed appearing in the US during the 1980s. This little dog comes in many colors with solids being the most rare. The Mi-Ki comes in two coat types--the Long Coat and the Smooth Coat. The height of a Mi-Ki cannot exceed eleven inches at the shoulders with weight in proportion to height. This is a small, non shedding dog, devoted, affectionate, excellent companion and "lap dog". Very good with children and other pets.


Pictured is our stallion, Deiles Magoo. His grandsire on the sire's side is Wittmacks Mickey Mouse. Boone's Little Andy is his grandsire on the dam's side. Miniature horses range in size from 28-34 inches for Class A and 34-38 inches for Class B. Our Miniatures are AMHA and/or AMHR registered.


Norwegian Lundehund Lounging.

Norway's Puffin Dog...A mature male Norwegian Lundehund enjoying the day. The Norwegian Lundehund is a small Spitz-like dog with a friendly disposition. Color is reddish brown with black hair tips and white markings. Their height is apporximately 12 to 15 inches with weights of 15 to 20 pounds. The Lundehund possesses many unique physical traits, among them at least six toes on each foot. They also have unusual ears that can close to protect its ear canal against dirt and moisture. The Lundehund has flexible joints in the shoulder, allowing the front legs to move out right angles to the body. Special vertebrae enable the Lundehund to rotate its head a full 180 degrees back-ward. The Norwegian Lundehund is a great family pet with a super disposition. It gets along well with people and other animals.

Miniature Herford with Calf

Miniature Herefords range in size from 36 to 49 inches for the Classic Hereford. Even the 49 inch Classic is much smaller than the larger Herefords which are as much as 65 inches tall.